Live in the Barn

by Sprout the Band

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Recorded two nights in May 2011 at Shepherd Farms in Carpinteria, Ca. The band recorded live in a large metallic warehouse. The majority of the tracks were recorded live on the first and only take. A second take was used on Machine Gun Mouth and Drivin' Me Down. Backing vocals and a slide guitar track on Old Railroad were overdubbed in the following days.

All songs are Sprout The Band originals with the exception of the traditional "Deep Elem Blues"


released October 7, 2011

Scott Foreman- Hammond M3 Organ, Upright Piano, and Lead Vocals
Colin Shepherd- Guitar, Harmonica, and Vocals
Zach Doiron- Guitar and Slide Guitar
Geoff Levy- Bass Guitar, Upright Bass, and Vocals
Stephen DesRochers- Drums
Erin Chapin- Percussion and Vocals
Caitlin Gowdey- Percussion and Vocals

Recorded, Engineered, & Mastered by:
Paull E. Rubin, Rubinhood Mobile Recording Studios

Album Artwork By: Sam Donnell with edits by Wesley Birch.

Special thanks to Tom Shepherd for letting us use the barn for practice and recording and the endless supply of delicious organic fruits and vegetables! Also thank you to the residents of Shepherd's Mesa for calling the cops on us so many times. Princess Leah we love you...



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Sprout the Band Santa Barbara, California

Sprout the Band is:
Scott Foreman - Hammond Organ, Piano, Vocals
Colin Shepherd - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Zach Doiron - Guitar, Slide Guitar
Geoff Levy - Bass, Vocals
Tony Poetzman - Drums, Percussion
Stephen Desrochers - Drums, Vocals
Caitlin Gowdey - Vocals, Percussion
Erin Chapin - Vocals, Percussion
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Track Name: Machine Gun Mouth
Am I crazy, or did I catch you running around again
Reckless lady, you won't stop till you experience every sin
You keep it shady, you love to crawl these streets most every night
Little baby, one day you'll find there's a little bit more to life

Will you burn out from the heat of your flame?
Can you even remember your name?
Machine gun mouth and corkscrew eyes
You've got the power to mesmerize
But you can't save yourself

You told your tales of county jail, full of drunken pride
My shoulder was your leaning post every time you cried
Your room's a dump and you're sniffing bumps off that record sleeve
I should have know, you weren't full grown, your body it deceives



You cut your ties, your offhand lies do all your talking for ya
You're full of shit, you've dug your pit in Southern California
If you don't keep pace you'll win the race, cross that finish line
But you can't come back, you'll fade to black, won't be no more time


Track Name: Old Railroad
Old railroad, won't you take me home
Old railroad, try to take me home
Old railroad, won't you take me home
Old railroad, don't fail me take me home

Old railroad, my only girl's alone
Old railroad, my lonely girl's at home
Old railroad, please take me to my love
Old railroad, my girl is up above


Old railroad, back when days are gone
Old railroad, please take my weary bones
Old railroad, I hear your whistle cry
Old railroad, return me to the sky
Track Name: Drivin' Me Down
You drive me down woman
You drive me down, down, down woman
You drive me down, down, down all the way to the ground
You drive me down

Can't help if you're on my mind, one day melts to the next
I lay awake at night to cry, I'm heavy though I'm high
I'm heavy though I'm high

On a sunrise red like coal the windows shut all alone
Though your breast was never cold, I was always bought and sold
I was always bought and sold

You left me out, I'm running circles now
But you ain't worth my life

You drive me out of my mind
I said you drive me out of my mind
You drive me down, down, oh down
All the time

Been trying to cage and fold every new bird that I meet
Now I find it's just a game, tell me who am I supposed to blame?
Tell me who am I supposed to blame?



Any day you would see me through, oh and you would right the rain
So I get my fix another way, what a way to spend each day
What a way to spend each day


(Chorus x2)

Track Name: We Are The Same
Once I believed we were strangers
Your eyes were filled with so much pain
I never knew the danger
Of leaving you standing in the rain

Well I must confess, I cannot lie
You were a mystery to me
Now I know we are not strangers
You and I, we are the same

My heart is so heavy
My eyes are red from all those tears
So full of guilt, can't even face myself
I look away from every mirror

But you take me back, You cradle me
Like I never hurt your soul
You truly are too good to me
For you know, we are the same

Why do you stand by me?
Why do you let me be your man?
Why don't you throw me away?
It can only be because you understand

(repeat first verse)
Track Name: Positively Haley St.
Driving down Haley Street, three a.m. on Sunday night,
I caught a glimpse of that amazon and what a fine sight
I opened my car door for her just to be polite,
She told me "$25 and it's your lucky night"
Her hair was golden brown her eyes blue like a lake,
Built like a quarterback and strong as a tank,
Shoulders like a semi truck and nails long and fake,
I knew I had a feeling that I just couldn't shake

Suzanne was a man!

Well she looked like a woman, But she walked like a man
She took me by the hand , She said, "You can call me Suzanne."
I looked a little closer my hands started to shake, I said to myself, Lord I've made a big mistake
I thought she was a woman but she was a fake, What she had to give, I just couldn't take

She whispered into my ear let's go have some fun,
Her Adam's apple stuck out like the barrel of a gun
Just like a good old Mustang her parts had been redone,
She said don't worry, I'll take good care of you hun,
Just then the lights were flashing, I heard the sirens wail,
They hauled us off to good ol' Santa Barbara County Jail
Officer said you're free to go but that wasn't the end of the tale,
To my surprise that big old man had posted my bail

Track Name: Deep Elem Blues
If you go down to Deep Elem, put your money in your shoes
'Cause the women in Deep Elem, give you the Deep Elem Blues
Aww sweet mama, your daddy's got them deep Elem Blues
Aww sweet mama, your daddy's got them deep Elem Blues

Once I had a girlfriend, she meant the world to me
She went down to Deep Elem, now she ain't what she used to be

Once I knew a preacher, preached The Bible through and through
Went down to Deep Elem, now his preaching days are through

When you go down to Deep Elem, to have a little fun
Have ten dollars when the police man come

When you go down to Deep Elem, put your money in your pants
'Cause the women in Deep Elem don't give a man a chance
Track Name: Running Wild
Feeling sick that I never confessed
Took off and left you standing, just to guess
Feeling so wild, I'm about to crash
Put on the brakes, 'cause I ain't built to last

Well it's your kind make a man go crazy
Well it's your kind running wild

I'm a runner, but the rope is burning
Too many lies got my mind turning
Gotta have a try to see your soul shine
Catch the last train home one more time


From the looks I'm headed back
You're the one damn thing that I lack

Pulled into town, come the sundown
Looking for my rider, I hit the ground
I call out your name, but you ain't there
Have you forgotten, or should I even care



(Chorus x2)
Track Name: Night Terror
I was dreaming of a girl who has everything I need
I was dreaming of a world with no violence or greed
Suddenly I awoke and I let out a howl
Nothing was quite as it seemed, something went afoul

So I come a knocking on your door
Screaming I can't take this no more
You send me on home, you told me go to sleep
I tried my nightcap, tried my counting sheep
But this will be the one that's gonna put me over the edge

Walked down to the corner store to try to settle my dreams
Guy at the counter said, "what do ya need boss?" I told him everything
But all the drinks in the store, and all the weed I could smoke
Couldn't stop my reality frightening me each time I awoke


Please bring me back


But this will be the one that's gonna put me over the edge

(Bonus Jammmmmmmm!!)